Connecting MK103 (beat detector) with K5201 (light computer)

I am wondering how to connect the mk103 with the k5201.
Do i have to remove 2 leds from the MK103 and then run a wire from there to the K5201signal in ?

@Dokwerker , this is not possible to do.

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Thank you for the response , however in the manual is written :"To use the internal speed adjustment, connect ‘OSC OUT’ with ‘SIG IN’ by means of a wire jumper. A external
5V CMOS clock signal (e.g generated by a beat detector), can be connected between GND and SIG. IN.).


My apologies, I had overlooked that. As the text indicates at K5201, you can indeed combine this with beat detector.

Just keep in mind that the max input current for Pulse input (PIN1) counter IC CD4024 is 1µA at 5V power supply.

To connect the input signal, keep all the LEDs (no removing) and for the signal, branch off between cathode (K) LD2 and anode (A) LD3 as the SIG IN pin for the counter, and connect the ground of K5201 together with the ground (GND) of MK103.

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