Connecting K8055 via wireless?

For gardening purposes, and to avoid the difficult placing of control wires to valves etc. (too far away), I’d like to have following configuration:

  • pc using as controller (of course) in house,
  • connecting a modem of sorts to pc
  • near the valves: also a wireless modem as “remote station” in the garden,
  • connecting a K8055 to this modem

Easely said, but is such a setup possible anyway, and if so:

  • what do I need as modems (at pc, and in the field),
  • how to configure them (meant here: to function as …),
  • and whatever there’s more to know…

Thanks in advance.

Here is a thread from last year that discussed this type of problem.


Be careful though. Most of these types of USB hubs now say that they do not support Windows 7. There seems to be some difficulty to port the virtual USB port drivers.