Connecting a low power DC motor to K8055

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect a small vibration DC motor to the K8055 board. The motor runs with 3V and needs a current of 70mA. I’ve read some threads in this forum, but due to my lack of knowledge I don’t know exactly what to do :frowning: .
Now my question are:

  • is it possible to connect one or more of these motors directly to the board (without any additional circiuts)
  • If it is possible, how should I connect the motor
  • If it is not possible, do I have to build a cuircut like

Can somebody help me completing this task?
Thanks in advance.

The K8055 digital outputs are open collector NPN transistors. You have to use an external voltage source for the DC motor.
Here is drawing how to connect the DC motor to the digital output and CLAMP terminal of the K8055:

The voltage loss on the output transistor is about 1V. You need to use 4V power supply.
The current 70mA is according to the K8055 specifications.