Connect k8056 to pc

im realy new in all of this i have just got the k8056 and put it together.
i have connected it to the pc via rs232 and im useing the demo program from velleman and it is not working only the power light is on.
im useing win xp pro, 2.5 processor, 1024 ram.
ther is nothing connected to the k8056 i just whant to see the relay working at first so maybe that is the problem!!!

and now to more biginers question- what is the 8 inputs or open collector? how do i use them?

hope to get some help

hi again
after along tolk with the k8056 i was thinking that maybe the problem is somewhere eals. and yes there it was the rs232 cable is not as in the figur line 3 in one end is 4 on the other side and line 5 is 8 on the other side so now thanks to 8 hours of sleeping i got to the problem end.

hope it will help some one eals


Open collectors are explained in the ‘general’ part of this forum.