Communications problem with K8000 again

I get again communications problem with the K8000. You helped me to fix the problem on 19 March 2007, after that it worked fine. A month ago I had a virus problem on my PC (Win XP sp2) and the only solution was to reformat the HD.
After installing the ops and the different software’s and also vb6 (sp6). After that I installed the different drivers that are needed for the K8000 in the Windows System directory and the same in the VB program directory (K8E.exe, K8D.dll, DLPortIO.dll, DLPortIO.sys, NTPort.oca and NTPort.ocx)
By running the program that I used before, the only thing that is working now are the communications led (SDA Ld18, SCL Ld17 and SDA Ld19) they are nice ling blinking now and that’s it. Before I formatted my HD I could read and write the inputs and outputs without problems.
What am I doing wrong again? Could you please help me?
Thank you very much in advance.

I forgot, your demo program has the same problem : only the three communications led are blinking.