Command line slicing with cura engine on linux?


I have tried to extract the cura engine settings from repetierhost, but its very confusing.
Repetierhost seem to have their own settings format, that they later convert to cura engine format.

Furthermore, its very hard for me to access any windows machine.

Does anyone have correct cura engine files that would also work on linux for command line slicing?

In the end I would like to use this for octoprint. At the moment I have a working octoprint setup, which accepts
gcode files sliced from another machine, and printing works which is very cool.

Now I would just like to be able to slice properly on a linux machine. All my linux slicing efforts have so far

Install Wine on your Linux box and install their Repetier from Velleman, copy the settings and done!

Here’s a link with a ZIP file of my config. All settings are like Velleman only the filament/slicer stuff has been changed.