Color change mishaps


I’m using Ultimaker Cura 4,10,00 (I’m running high Sierra, so newer versions won’t run.)
printer is k8800 Delta
I’m trying to print with 2 colors, so I inserted a color change in my code. (using the filament change option)

When arriving at the layer, the old color unloads …with is good.
Then I load the new color. Works great
When I push ‘start print’ the head go’s down, touches the peace and go’s back up and unload the new color. no Mather what I try …it keep doing this.

With code reader I see this:

G0 F11400 X2.238 Y-2.186
M600 E30.00 L300.00 X0.00 Y0.00 ; Generated by FilamentChange plugin
M117 Printing layer - Layer 159 of 188
;MESH:Ingenious Migelo-Fyyran.stl
G1 F1800 E669.70521

What am I missing?

Hello @MeesterVince ,

Unplug the filament runout sensor, and try again.
Normally it should now work.

It seems that this sensor of your Delta gives false triggers.
It mostly happens at full spool or nearly empty spool of filament, that the sensor give false triggers.

Best regards,
Velleman Technical Service


I’ll try that.
Would it help if I put the spool next to the delta in stead of on top?

Hello @MeesterVince ,

I don’t think it will make any difference whether the spool is placed next to or above the Delta.
Since small vibrations on PLA during transit (extrusion) can give a false trigger.

Best regards,
Velleman Technical Service

I unplugged the filament runout sensor and gave it another go.
The result are stille the same.
After I change the filament, de head goes down, touches the print and then unload again.
This time I didn’t use the code in aura but I selected ‘change filament’ during printing on my delta.
I have a small video , let’s find out if I can post it .

@MeesterVince ,

This is verry strange, that filament unloads when you start the resume command,
while the filament runout sensor is unplugged.

I think that there’s a filament change gcode command (M600) left, in the gcode. And this just onto the layer where the resume needs to be restart.
So the gcode triggers again the fillament change function (endless loop).

Check the gcode file and remove the M600 commands, to try it manually.

Best regards,
Velleman Support