Check RF wave


Not sure where to post the question, but here is the issue:

I have an old Sony DAT recorder. I still use it, but it seems that over the years the alligment has gone bad. The alligment can be adjusted by changed the angle of the guideposts, the tape travels on. To do this I need an oscilloscope to check the RF signal waveform. I should be a solid block. The service manual of the DAT recorder tells me where to connect the scope. The only scope that I currently have is the EDU09. Can the EDU09 be used for this purpose?

I connected it to the servicepoints on the mainboard and I do get a signal, but it is not what I expected to see.

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, without any information about the signal, we cannot determine if the scope is suited. At least, we need to know the frequency.

The servicemanual doesn’t tell me that. It is an RF waveform (block) signal. I should look like a specific block on a normal scope.

Read the manual again, please check that the RF waveform peak signal is 60mV or more.

RF means ‘radio frequency’.
Question still is: what frequency?