Can't Set Y motor reference voltage / Y Motor sticking


I can’t set the reference voltage on the controller board for the Y motor driver correctly - the pot is very touchy, can only get voltages to set around 0v , 1.5V or 5V - can’t set anywhere near 0.45-0.55V

I suspect the control board is faulty as if I swap X and Y cable connections on the board, Y moves freely but X sticks/jams/hesitates

Any help appreciated

Try to resocket the driver board that doesn’t tune.
If that doesn’t help try swappig it with another axis and try t there.

If both fails, you are likely having a faulty driver.


Resocket doesn’t help.

Y motor works from another motor socket - e.g. X axis, so wiring is OK.

I believe the board is faulty specifically the Y trimpot - there is an open circuit from the trim pot wiper (ie the Yref voltage) to either of the other terminals of the trimpot - i.e. the wiper on the pot is not contacting and hence can’t set Yref

How do I get a new board?

contact velleman or maybe try here :