Can't read SD Card

I have built my Vertex Nano and everything appears to be operating except for the SD Card reader. Whenever I insert an SD Card the display keeps indicating ‘No SD card’. Any suggestion what to do next?

You must initial the card first. For first use make “init SD card” and after change the card “change card”


Thanks for your help. I already had tried to init the SD Card and nothing appeared to be happening (apart from the LCD blinking once). So, I tried it again tonight and waited for a minute or two and again nothing changes on the LCD. However I then decided to reformat my SD Card using Disk Utility on OSX (FAT) and then initialized it on the Vertex, … and pronto the menu changed to CHANGE SD CARD. Hooray.

Is there any particular type of SD card to get for this, or is anything ok?

Bought a SanDisk 32gb card, worked fine.

So far any SD Card I used is fine as long as it is correctly formatted (FAT).

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I also cannot get the nano to recognize the files on the sdcard. I can navigate to the directory, but none of the .stl files appear in the screen to select. I’ve done the change card, initialize card, over and over and all the device can do is navigate through the directories but never finds the files. I started by putting the files at the root and the nano showed nothing, so I added a directory a placed files there, it sees the directory, I navigate into it but still no files. WHAT IS GOING on! any help would be appreciated…

In what filesystem is your SD card formatted?
it should be FAT32.

Yes I have formatted the sdcard twice in fat32. the nano sees the directories, and navigates into them, it acts like the .stl file is not the file type it’s looking for and therefore filters it out and does not display the name for selection. very frustrating! I looked at the firmware and it’s 1.0,
thanks in advance for the advice.

Hi Dave,
The Nano K8600 will not see .stl files
You need to slice the file then copy the .gcode files to the SD card.
You can read more in the following links.

Hope this helps

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