Can't get high resolution low voltage

I am using the Velleman VMA03 and with a 10-volt power supply. I am trying to get a 0-10 volt Arduino controlled output. I chose this board because I could control with pins to use (although I am having some trouble with that as well).

The big issue I am having is even when I use analog write with a value of 0, I still get an output voltage difference of around 0.2 volts from the motor output and when 1 is inputted I receive a 0.6 volt output. I need something with a reasonably high resolution from 0- 10 volts with at least 0.1 volt steps through the entire range of 0-10 volts.

Is there a setting I can change or alter to get a higher resolution?

Also is there a way to set one of the output motor pins as ground? Currently, it appears that both leads output around 4 volts even when the motor is to be at rest. I assume this is normal?

Hope that is clear enough.