Cannot get the K8400 body panels to line up

I’m following the step-by-step online instructions for the K8400, and I’m most of the way through the second page of assembly instructions. They stress, on a number of occasions, that when attaching the corner pieces, there should not be gaps between the panels you’re joining. I’m really struggling to meet this requirement, especially now that the large and medium corner pieces are attached and I’m on to the small corner pieces.

I’ve been clamping the panels together, and I’m tightening the bolts on the corner pieces to the highest tolerances the plastic can bear, and I still have gaps, varying from a hair up to about a millimeter. I swear I’ve done the best I can, and I’m at wit’s end. Can someone tell me: How important is it to completely eliminate gaps? I need to know if I need to tear this whole thing apart and start over, or if I can still save it.

The critical thing is that the resulting box is as square as possible. Assuming the panels are shaped correctly and are the same size, it should be zero gaps. However I have gaps on mine. I recall useing 2 belts and loosening all the bolts to ensure the top and bottom plates aligned the 4 sides evenly.


I agree to Bert490s statement. You should try that the diagonal length is the same for both. It is important, otherwise the printhead may not run smooth.
I was using two belts to keep the gaps as small as possible.
Something like this should be Ideal.


Br Thomas

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