Can we use K8098 with a external microphone?


Is it possible to use K8098 (audio analyser) with an external microphone for a real sound analyse ?

Do you have a kit, a DIY or schematic for that ?

Thanks for your help… :wink:

Input sensitivity is too low to connect a microphone.
You will need a preamp, e.g.

Thanks for your really quick answer… :wink:

I understand sensitivity would be too low.
OK for for your preamp but what kind of micro could i use to have a good enough frequency response ?
Do you have some idea or reference for this one ?

Does your M300 could fit ?

M300 is suited for general audio purposes.
Please note that this is an electret mic, so it needs a power supply.

So do you have ideas with what could fits well with your preamp and “compatible” with audio analyse ?