Can VM118 outputs be toggled by a push-button?


short version:
Can I somehow connect mechanical push-buttons to VM118 board to be able to toggle relay outputs (one push-button for each channel)? Voiding the warranty is tolerated in exchange of clear explanation of how to achieve my requirement :slight_smile:

long story:
I have re-wired my home, so each group of lamps can be controlled separately. Also, I have installed one-way push-buttons (instead of ON/OFF switches) for turning those lamps on/off. I have routed all the wires (power and control) in one single box. Now I’m looking for a solution that would allow me to turn those lamps on/off with those push-buttons AND a remote control. I perfectly understand that VM118 works well for remote control. But can it somehow be modified/adapted to allow toggling of relays with wired push-buttons?

Thanks in advance!


As there is no ‘intelligence’ connected to the pushbutton inputs, this is not possible.
It will require external ‘toggle’-hardware.

Thanks for a timely response!

Is there a VELLEMAN kit/component that would to this “toggling inteligence”?

I understand, that I could get another remote, disassemble it and hook up my control wires from push buttons in place of remote’s buttons, but that would be too crude :slight_smile: