Can´t compile with K8048 PIC programmer board

Hi everyone!

This is the first time I try to compile and program a PIC with my brand new K8048 Pic programmer board.

I use the MPLAB IDE v8.83 version. The program compile and builds fine on the MPLAB. When I click the assemble button of the PicProg 2009 MPASM form It says 27 errors found.
It doesn t specify wich errors are those.

My first thought is that maybe I´m using a too modern version of the MPLAB and the PICprog 2009 is not compatible with my MPLAB version. If so wich version should I install on my computer?

I follow the manual instructions. I specify wich PIC I´m programming with: the 16F84A. I don´t believe the problem is my fault, manual misundestanding. The manual is pretty straightforward you just have to specify the PIC and select a few options.

Any advice would be of great help!!

Thanks in advance!