Can pcsu200 record data endless into csv files?


I am thinking to buy the PCSU200, but did not find the answer to my question.

Is it possible with the PCSU200 to record analog values given to cnannel A at the triggered time point from channel B into a comma seperated value file (for further use in spread sheet SW). The quantity of data should only be limited by PC resource.
If only record is working:
It would be possible to rework the data if a internal time base is producing the data from channel A and using the channel B only as some kind of marker in the csv-file. Not a bad idea if data filtering is done afterwards.

Have someone the answer for me?

Thx in advance,

The endless data recording is possible only in the Transient Recorder mode.
The highest sample rate in this mode is very low, max. 100S/sec (100Hz).

If this is acceptable, you can record the data to the text file.
The PCSU200 software doesn’t support csv file format.
You can open the text file in Excel and save it in csv format.

You can download the software and test this Transient Recorder option in demo mode.
For continuous recording with auto-save to your HD, select ‘AutoSave Data’ from the ‘File’-menu.