Can I run two PCS10 K8074 data recorders parallel on a Win2K

My first PCS 10 works perfect for monitoring one side of a ground source heat storage system, accuracy just good enough, and with electricity meter input pulse slowed down, I can calculate pulse speed from the .TXT file, and hence the whole energy balance on one side of the system. But I would like to scale up to both sides, hence I need more channels.

Can I use two PCS 10 data recorders for a continuous monitoring, both working parallel on the same computer (Toshiba old satellite working Win2000 SP4, USB2 card)?

I would need both dataloggers to write their data for several days to a .txt file each, in the slowest mode. (One sample every 10 sec is OK, no need for synchro) (I can combine both .txt files later in one Xcell)

Is this possible?

Can your software run two identical programs both handling their own logger simultaneously?
Can they continuously write data to .txt while the other is doing the same? (As long as I named the files diffrently?)

Thanks for sharing,

Pieter Smit.

I’m sorry but only one PCS10 unit can be connected and operate on the same computer.
The reason to this is that there is no way to “address” the units.