Calibration results not stored?

Dear, after the calibration procedure which I perform as below

  1. go to SETTINGS
  2. Restore failsafe
  3. Initialize EEPROM
  4. Store Settings
  5. go to Vertex Calibration
  6. Auto Home
  7. Calibrate Height
  8. Auto Calibration
  9. after message “Calibration OK” => Store Settings.

I want to start printing and during the leveling of the bed before it starts printing, the head crashes for a half second but is able to continue the sequence and starts to print. See video on minute 5:09

After the printer starts to print you can see the bed is tilting so it seems like the calibration is not well stored….
See video

Strange that the 9 cycles of calibration works fine, than you store the settings and in first bed leveling you see it goes wrong….

Can you please advice what is wrong?


Hello @Mathieu,

Crashing into the bed during bed leveling is a calibration issue.
Even though the printer showed the message “Calibration OK” on the display after calibration.

To solve this issue, follow this troubleshooting guide. It could be several points from this guide.
Check it step by step and very accurately, and adjust where necessary. Recalibrate after each step of adjustment.

The bed should certainly not be wedged between the gray studs.
Cut off the edge of the buildtack sticker. And if necessary file the inside of the gray studs,
so that the glass plate has clearance.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support


Look here!

Kund regards,