Calibration Question

I understand the mechanical calibration (leveling, head adjustment, etc), and I understand the Slic3R setup parameters. (The Velleman Repetier-Host has already set these, mostly.)

My question is about the calibration parameters in the firmware. I know there are PID loop constants for the heater, and a filament feed rate calibration in the firmware. The Velleman manual (for using the printer which includes calibration) makes no mention of firmware calibration.

Perhaps a Velleman support person can tell me if these parameters have already been set in the firmware? I would assume so.

Are these firmware parameters not bound to vary slightly from printer to printer? Assuming that I have the knowledge required to determine these parameters, should I not check them and recompile the firmware if necessary?

For example, I can use Pronterface to check the hot-end temperature PID parameters to see if they agree with what Vellerman has set in the Firmware.

Does Velleman Support (or anyone else) have a recommendation?

Art Cominio

Specifically, the firmware parameters I’m talking about are in the Configuration.h file:

// Mendel Parts V9 on 12V
#define DEFAULT_Kp 63.0
#define DEFAULT_Ki 2.25
#define DEFAULT_Kd 440


#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {64.25,64.25,2560,600}

It is my understanding that correct calibration of the extruder feed rate and hot-end is crucial to producing quality prints. I also believe that these values could change slightly from printer to printer even of the same type and vendor.

Art C