Calibration function Velleman DVM 1326 soundmeter

Does anyone know what is the purpose of the internal calibration circuit and how it should be used. There is nothing written about that in the user manual.

Hello, I am in your case and I am looking for the use of the 94db calibration function fo the DVM1326. Did you find the answer to your question, and if so can you please share it with me? Thanks in advance Gerard

Hello @richard.van.sonsbeek & @Gerard54 ,

Two calibration methods are available.

  1. Calibration using the internal oscillator :
    The calibration uses a sine wave signal of 1000Hz generated by a built-in oscillator.
  • Slide the function switch to CAL 94dB position.
  • Adjust the CAL potentiometer to obtain a reading of 94dB.
  1. Calibration using a standard acoustic calibrator :
    Procedure see below in picture

Calibration using a sound calibrator is the recommended method since it is more precise.

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