Calibration failure EDU09

Here are the IC2 VOLTAGES PIN 1 =4.7V
PIN 2 =-0.12V
PIN 3 =0V,
PIN 4 = -5.2V
PIN 6 = 4.1V,
PIN 7 =2V,
PIN 8 =5.02V.

ok sorry will re do with program off.

Here are the voltages measured on all IC2 pins:
1: 2.2V
2: 0V
3: 0V
4: -5.2V
5: 0V
6: 0V
7: -2.13V
8: 5.0V

The voltages are measured when the USB cable is connected but the PC software EDU09 is not running.

On IC1 pins the voltages should be:
1: 0V
2: 0V
3: 0V
4: 0V
5: 0V
6: 0V
7: -5.2V
8: 0V
9: 3.3V
10: 0V
11: 0V
12: 0V
13: 0V
14: 0V
15: 0V
16: 5V

Hi Sorry this is taking time but as you can see my results on IC1 are same as you except IC2.

I also noticed that when the sw was running that the relay does work as I can hear it clicking when selecting ac to dc.

Bingo checked the solder joints on IC2 and one was not soldered. Checked with magnifying glass. Thank you very much for your support.

Explains the varied results.

No problem. Glad to be of assistance. Enjoy your EDU09 :slightly_smiling_face: