Brown out reset whilst printing

I have been printing quite a lot recently without one fault. However all of a sudden when I tried to print again today, I had the brown out reset come up on my log, I have not been able to print all day since, I have changed the power supply and also checked all the connections but still no luck.

I don’t know what else it could be, perhaps usb cable, other than that maybe the actual controller board. from what I can see, connections to both the bed and extruder look good however the printer bed did mis align before the brown out reset due to the x axis being caught on the flex cable, could this have stretched the wires to cause a weak connection?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Ross Wilkes

also, just doing a little further research. the cable that it caught on earlier was the cable that links to the heated bed, also trying all other options on the printer, it seems that the bed is causing the problem. the fan and extruder etc seem to work fine.

hope this helps!

Check for intermittent short in the wiring or a problem with the heated bed (resistance too low, e.g. < 4 ohm which causes power supply voltage dip).