Breaking flexible coupling

Hi, has anybody had a flexible coupling break on there z axis on the Vertex, I have now had 2 break on me

I did one time and realized it was my fault.
What happened is I turned the printer on and was going to remove and clean the bed for my next print job so I was sending it to the bottom of the machine.
What I didn’t do first was home the machine so it knew where the bed was.
When it got to the bottom it broke the coupler.
What happened it is started from the middle position.
With out being homed the machine has no starting point reference.
Now when I power it up the first thing I do is home it.
I will also home it when a reset has been done as well.

Hi, thank you again, that is a possability, that I have done the same thing, will remember waht you have said, wrong-way, to the rescue again, thanks Ted

If I would have been thinking (something I don’t do well anymore) I should have posted a warning here for others.

I hope this helped