Bodeplot and living tissu electrical properties

I have bought a PCSGU250 and would like to realize some bodeplot of living tissu as human skin for example. Max current should be 0.4 mA, voltage 1 Volt
Is it possible to show me how to connect Channel one and channel 2 phase cables to the skin surface, as I have yet done the interconnection between Channel 2 and the inner function generator of the device. Where to connect neutral cables?
Any clue?Thank you

The PCSGU250 is not designed to meet the standard EN 60601: “Medical electrical equipment. General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.”

The PCSGU250 is directly connected to the PC via the USB cable. This is a safety risk.
I do not recommnd to use the PCSGU250 to apply frequencies to the human body via electrodes.

Please see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&p=18260

Thank you, first of all for the comments.
So with a PCSU1000 unit and an IUSB Isolator like the one that was pointed out in precedent messages, do you think I can safely start explorating living tissu electrical properties, using bodeplot function?
In this case what should be the distribution of the resting cables, after inner connection in order to get the sweep from the function generator as indicated in the manual for phase test?
Whete to connect the two phase cables coming from Channel one and Two? On the skin surface using Ecg Electrodes? Where to set the two neutral cables coming from channel one and two? Any idea?
Greetings, Biophysics

Here is a typical connection to measure the frequency response:

R is a fixed resistor and Z(f) is impedance as a function of frequency.
Selecting the R about the same value as Z, you get good result.
The picture shows also how to connect the neutral leads.

Please note: The oscilloscope PCSU1000 is not optically isolated from the PC.