Beyond assembly: Where to go from here?

Hello everyone

I am new to this forum as well new to anything 3D. I am calling from Ecuador where I live now, after migrating from my home country Germany to the USA 20 years ago and now to Ecuador. I purchased the K8200 kit and have successfully completed the 527 pages of the manual for the physical assembly and wiring. The last page of the manual is referring to the “next chapter” covering calibation or such. The manual I downloaded ends with page 527. I was looking around at the Velleman download page. The download “assembly manual” is subtitled:The complete manual for the K8200. Explains how to build the kit and how to use the printer.

Somehow I am missing something as it only explain how to build (and wire) the printer but nothing about calibration, initialzing, drivers, software and use of the printer.

Perhaps someone could tell me what I am missing or where I need to go to get these information so I can continue and make the printer more than a “techno” sculpture.

Happy new year to everyone.

Try this link