Better qulity prints

Hi, i have a K8200, with updated screw 8mm if I remeber correctly also a Z axis coupler (all vellerman one’s) a e3d v6 3mm hotend, and have also changed the drive belts and gears as recommended last year, all the firmware was changed in accordance to the upgraded hardware, but I would like to get better prints, would a E3d with 1.75mm hotend give me a better finish to the prints. Prints are fairly good but would like to improve.
Also I have to keep recalibrating the bed and Z end screw as after I complete a print or two the gap between the hotend and the bed has got smaller, nothing I can see is wrong, nothing is loose, am printing on to a mirror, and calibrated to 0.24mm, using PLA, hotend at 205 degrees and bed at 65/70 degrees, I do have a seperate power supply for the hotbed 25volt, so bed can get up too 105 dgrees if told to. I hope this all makes sense, Ted

it’s a Trapezoidal screw of 8mm ? if yes, take a look there :

you should look the “Leadscrew pitch” in “Optimal layer height for your Z axis”

I had a 8mm screw with pitch 8, the results were not good, better have a pitch 2 or continue with original screw with antiwobble system like this one

P.S. : I change original Z axis with stainless steel A4, works fine, now I use 2mm pitch, I’m not realy sure that it’s better ?

Hi, thank you for the reply. I have now upgraded to the K8203, all went well, installed the new hotend and extruder, soldered on the new thermistor and sensor, did not have to disconnect the motor, but when i tried to test the new upgrade, the extruder motor is running in reverse, so the filament is going up not down in to the hotend , anybody any ideas please, ted

It sounds like you used the left mounting bracket.
There is a setting in the firmware configuration.H that you can change to reverse the direction.
I can’t remember where it is but if you search the forms board you will find it.

Hi, yes have sorted it now thank you. ted

Glad to hear it’s working now