Better Bed Leveling

To enhance the leveling process i mounted 4 springs. no washer used.
drill the existing holes at least to 4.5mm, to allow smooth operation.
to level drive the hotend carefully in to the table until the springs are quite compressed (pressure needed to hold the thumbscreew).
adjust first point with thumbscree until the table has no gap, repeat on all corners.
adjust z-height to your desired layerheight. optimize with a gauge or hope you are level :slight_smile:


To mount the mirror i created 4 clips. made from

  • M3 Screw 8mm (i used 10mm)
  • aluminium U profile W: 10mm H: 8mm L: 20mm
  • Washer, cutted to fit in the u profile.
  • M3 Nut


thank you for sharing

Great idea.
What kind of springs are they and where did you get them?

they are from the RC Shop, Springs for RC Cars :slight_smile:
you can use any spring, as long it’s strong enough to hold the bed.

Thanks thev