Best settings for pla

Is there a datasheet for pla settings?

Hello @Human !
For now, i dont have found a datasheet for pla settings, but maybe a carefull search on the forum … (personaly for PLA, I print at 190°C to 200°C but I dont use a delta …)
Having look some of your previous topic, you have maybe try PETG, and if now you have diificulties with PLA maybe it’s because you dont have purge de PETG properly (you need to reach the PETG printing temp. and extrude to be sure you flush any PETG particul felt on the nozel) , so you may have a partialy obstructed nozel … (partialy obstructed if the extruded filament diameter is lower in size than the nozel diameter size …)

Hoping this help , have a nice day !


After i used pet g i did change the nozzle. Was wondering if there was a datasheet to check if my settings could improve. No problems so far but always room for some improvement. Thanks for your reaction!

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Here you can find the Print settings for Vertex PLA filaments.

PLA isn’t listed in this table but, it has the same settings as Satin (PLA Satin).
Test report for PLA has been requested from our supplier of our Vertex filaments.

PLAG = PLA Glitter (metallic).
Satin = PLA Satin