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Hello Everybody, i have played with this kit for a good while and in my experience i can recommend 2 things. I have found a teflon based bicycle oil which really helps with axis movement. Its TF2 All Weather Performance Oil, i found it in my local cycling store. And also Pritt Stick sugar and starch based glue adhesive. Prior to using these i had layer shifting and peeling base layers. Im getting nice prints now. Hope it helps.

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Hello @3Dnailbiter !
Don’t hesitate to show off some of your best prints, I’m interested !
Have a good day !

Hi, i will. I have been printing test prints at 190 deg C and ran some at 210 as inherited settings. I had extruder joint leakage and a brown gloopy mess rain down on me so im running repairs now. But i think i have got it back to proper operation without buying a new hotend.

This is a very fun hobby.

I hope i am not violating any site rules but i found a very informative post which has helped me with fixing extruder PLA leakage.

All respect goes to the original poster. Dan Bemowski.