Bed flattening idea in the making

Hey guys. Im thinking about modding my bed and just want to brainstorm a bit.

The bed is not entirely flat. I got it working fine with a standard 0,4 nozzle. Both stock and e3d. However now im experimenting with a 0,2mm nozzle and now it is very obvious that the bed is not flat. The PLA sticks great here and there but mostly just strings or bulbes or just wont stick. And this is with a mirror on top. However, the clips holding the mirror bends it due to the bed not being flat.

The idea. How about using two mirrors? one on top and one below. Ofcourse you’ll have to drill holes for the screws and the ntc resistor in the bortom one. And then you clamp these together.

Stupid or plausible? Thoughts?

In theory it sounds like it should work.
However glass can have flaws in it as well.

I don’t use clips, I glued the glassplate at the PCB with heat resistant glue.

THX for inputs. I have a doubled sided tape that is strong as hell. I might put that between the mirrors and the bed. And then have them clamped together for a few days. The thing is that, once this is done its near impossible to take it apart. I left a small box of drill bits on a taped mirror once and it’s still stuck 3 months later and will probably be until the mirror breaks

I have obtained good results by gluewing the original hotbed on a glass plate of 4mm. In this way the
good adhesion properties of the hotbed can still be used. But indeed you have to drill some holes in the glass.
It is described and visualized here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=11117
or (somewhere in the middle).

To prevent bending by the tension of the bolts a special construction has been used.