Bed adhesive on bed

Hi all,

I have the issue with my nano that my prints don’t stick to the bed.
I placed a new builtak but no help. I print pla at 195 °.
When they brim is small it works fine but when it is more than 4cm2 a part comes loose and then my print is curved. Any tips ?

Thank you

You can try printing a bit closer to the bed.
Or refresh the buildtak by applying a small amount of acetone on it.
Just a few drops on a paper towel and wipe the bed clean

Hi thanks and sorry for the delayed reply.

It remains the same issue even with a new builtak layer cleaned with alcohol or acetone.

It just seems like prints shrink a bit when cooling and this makes one Corner coming loose

What is the temp of your room?
Environment is everything to any 3D printer.
Make sure the room is not to cold or put it in an enclosure.
There is a balance though you don’t want to get the printer to hot as this will have an affect on the electronics. I try to keep my room around 74F.


This could be it ! The room is around 59 degrees.
I’ll try another room. Thank you very much

That is more then likely the problem.