Battery charger gives 5 volt instead of 9

After repairing my own charger… it gave 5 volts instead of 9 , what causes my scoop not to work , i read on this forum than several people have the same issue.

i also read a respons of your moderator that there is no knowledge of problems with the charger but why are you then sending out al that replacement chargers?

solve the problem is my way of thinking

People come to this forum to report a problem, not to tell us everything is working fine.
This might give the impression that this item is nothing but trouble.

We supply a new charger to people that experience problems because it is not a big issue.
If we would have to send out chargers every day, then we would have to conclude that there is a problem, but this is not the case.

A dead on arrival is possible. We cannot check every individual charger.
Judging by the number of units sold, the problem is really minor.

We’d be happy to supply a spare charger if you supply an address, please mail it to

i agree… but never forget that disapointment of people have to wait…i was disapointed because i needed the scoop for restoring old pinball electronics…

that’s why i repared the charger myself ( impatient )

i know that youre service is more than okey… and thanks for the offer bur now my charger works and it wil not be needed

thanks for honest reply.