Bag 10 - belt tension mount upside down?

So, my L-shaped tension mount from bag 10 kind of jams the belt into the bottom of the frame. Shouldn’t the mounting hole be in the top, not the bottom like this?

You’re right.
The hole should be at the top.

That’s strange

Yes, strange indeed.

Here is a Picture of the printer I’m building. The belt is detached from the bearing but you get the idea of how it should be.

Thanks for your input!

Yeah, I’ve realized that the bracket has been bent the wrong way, instead of being bent into shape with the hole in the top, it was bent with the hole in the bottom.

I’ve ordered an extra one but I did a little trick where I drilled and braced a hole on the opposite side of the plastic frame - it works fine while I build the printer and once the proper part arrives, I can swap it out.

Yes, it seems that you’re bracket is faulty (reversed). We will make sure a new bracket is being sent asap.