Bad print Image

Hallo there,

The x axis was loosen from the Motor. I fixed it, and calibrated with the assembly instruction. Now i have a bad printing. Is the space between bed and nozzle wrong?

The bed is heated at 50°c.

I habe the printer since 3 days, it printed well unter the motor was loosen.

And Sugestions?

Hello !
Yes it seems that the nozzle <> bed distance needs to be reviewed (adjust the screw that triggers the endstop Z during home)

To get an idea of a good first layer (Sorry I don’t have it in English)

source : [TUTO] De l'importance de la première couche - Tutoriels - Forum pour les imprimantes 3D et l'impression 3D

Or take a look at Print Quality Guide

Edit : Also, how do you clean/degrease your tray? because the slightest trace of finger can interfere with adhesion.

Hi. I have troubles with my 3d printer. I had this one earlier but purchased K8200 recently. Prints have ridges all the way through print. I experienced x axis vibration and couldn’t find until the bearing pulley blew out last week…fixed that one. Glass helped greatly am now reliably printing but not turning out a smooth print. needs much sanding throughout. have considered extruder and temp issues but I think it can be z axis wobble. Threaded rod definately not true. Do you have any thoughts? I am using repetier software and I like it.