Bad hotend fan bearing

My hotend fan’s bearing seems to already be failing, less than a week into owning the kit.

How do i go about getting a replacement from Velleman? doesn’t list a contact email or have a contact form. just states:

“Our customer care is offline at the moment, please check back at a later time.”

Is this some kind of a joke?

I never contacted the support so far, but also replaced the hotend fan and the controller fan. If I remember correctly the connectors are PH2. I found that there is now a replacement kit for both of them here:

I do not know if these are of better quality than the stock ones.

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Probably not. And probably you might be better off buying the fans separately off the shelf and just soldering the stock wire to them. I’ve replaced my controller fan this way and the hotend fan is making funny noises when it turns on but after a while it normalises. Hopefully the print cooling fans (they are branded I think) are better because fans this small might be harder to obtain, they seem to sometimes get stuck on debris but just cleaning them solves the problem.

I already bought a sunon maglev fan to replace this one.

But it’s a matter of principle - for one, it’s pretty bad form to ship a kit with a fan about to give out, and second, no obvious way / hiding the way to contact support is a pretty shady practice.


For support you can always go to our new support system: Customer Care

The old system is indeed offline, we are transferring it to our new system.

Regards Velleman Support

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Thank you.
May i suggest posting that link somewhere visible on your site?

Hi! We’re currently working on that :slight_smile:

Err. The account registration page says:

This ticket system is set up for direct customers only . If you’re not a direct customer, please send your request to or contact your local distributor or shop.

What gives?


This platform will be fully online from July
We are currently testing the newer platform.
The old support system for end users are we megrating to newer platform customer care platform, so no all functions are live.

In the meantime, you can request your spare part (fan) via this e-mail address:
Specify your contact details, + the part you’ll need. You can also add this topic to the e-mail.
This way we can send the part asap to you.

If you’ll need more spare parts, see these links:

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

I have the same problem and have opened a ticket with the number # 399208 in your custumer care system.

since i turned my k8800 on for the first time until now, the fan on the hotend is rather loud. Did you find a more silence replacement? my printer is in my office, printing while working is very loud due to the fan.
any tips on this or should i start a new thread?