Availability of manuals for older kits

I need some help to both identifying (kitnumber not printed on circuitboard) and getting manuals for some of the old (20+years old) velleman kits.

First, i have a 60W amplifier module, approx. 8x20cm, with a MJ2501/MJ3001 output transistor pair. The module is in working order, but there is 2 trimpots i’d like to know how to adjust, so a manual would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

The other kit is a 2x16led vu-meter, which misses the ic’s… If i remember correctly, it should have UAA170 ic’s, but i’m not sure… Also, i seems to remember that i had some problems with this kit adding noise to the sound when connected to an preamp… (?!)

Can anyone help me out? :slight_smile:
At least the adjusting procedure for the 60W amp would be appreciated. :wink: