Automatic bed compensation

I have bought at BLTouch for auto med leveling.

To get it working I need to find:

-A free pin


  • Z stop signal
  • Z stop ground

A have been looking on the board and the vertex home page. I have not found any proper documentation, only the 3Drag schematic for the original board.

Anyone has any idea?
What is the PL2 and PL3 connectors?

Best Regards

Hi Blackghost

This is what i got from Antclabs when i had the same question.
The BLTouch does work but i still don’t know how i must configure it in Marlin.
If someone could help me with this that would be very nice.
You do have to solder the 3 pin wire directly to the 18 pin header.
The 2 pin wire you can plug in the Z-Endstop header directly.

What if the VM8201 Stand-alone controller (
is connected to the 18-pin header ?

Can they both be connected?

Hi there

Did you make any progress - I’ve just bought my BlTouch as well. Do you have any pictures of how you mounted it?