Autohome and Move axis issue [Solved]


When I request an autohome, head only moves on Y axis to position 200 but X axis stays as is. But when looking in params, firmware reports X at 200 as it visibly stands around 100 for example.
Same trouble when moving on X Axis.
Motor is not responsible as printing is Ok on all 3 axis.
Tried to reset from display, from motherboard and unplugged Vertex.

Can you help ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Slowfoot,

Thanks for your advises.
I could not switch cables on motherboard because i had no room to extend cable due to cable ties.
So I switched cables at sensor… Sensor was responsible !
I tried to clean it up in place but that was not enough.
I have had to umount it because sensor is a bit planted inside the black plastic holder.

This solved my issue.