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Why is the machine making such bad noise when parking (end position) Auto Home

Because your X/Y axis are probably not perfectly tuned. Check in the [color=#408040]Wiki[/color].

I have ordered the XY-Carriage Alignment Helper and measured the distance between the rods.
The space between arrow A is a little more than with arrow B as shown in the picture.
So I’ve detected the problem but I don’t have a solution. I hope someone has a solution for this


You have to loosen the pulleys, align the rods and then tighten the pulleys. The belts must run perfectly straight, not moving from one side of the pulley to the other. For the pulleys with two belts take care they don’t overlap.
And don’t put too much tension in belts : enough to hold them in place but not like piano strings.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I’ll get back to work then…

i have an exactly same problem with AutoHome. Seems like the x-axis stop sensor isn’t detecting the printhead. The noise is commong out from the motor i guess…

First: I checked the distance between the clamps exactly as written in the manual.
Second: Loosen the pulleys, align the rods and then tighten the pulleys. The belts now running perfectly straight. Not to much tension is very important.
Third: Checked the x-y rods with the little tool.
Now it is okay.
Thank you again.

[quote=“fender”]Now it is okay.[/quote]Nice:) Enjoy printing now.

How did you align the rods?