Auto home problems


I’m having some issues when performing the auto-home command for the first time. At first the printhead moves to the park-position (rear-right).
Then the build platform moves up but passes the end stop. I pulled the plugged when I thought it was going to collide with the print head to avoid
it making any damage to the nozzle.

During the auto-home process I’m also hearing a somewhat loud ratteling noise but I’ve already figured this has something to do with the x-y alignment
and the tension of the belts.

Things I’ve already checked / performed to possibly solve the issue with the build platform passing the end stop;

  • Check the orientation of the bed arms. They were indeed mounted upside down so I’ve fixed that.
  • End-stop LED’s are glowing.
  • Checked connection of the Z end from the end-stop to the Arduino board. It was plugged in and at the right connectors.

Any suggestion on what i could have done wrong during assembly or anything else?


EDIT: The instructions read that the build platform should stop at about 3mm from the print head but some threads I’ve read it should stop way below the print head
the first time?

Did you set the Z axis sensor “notch” as described in picture 3 of the manual?

Could you post some pictures of your build?
For the X Y alignment look in this link.

Ben Dover; Thank you for your reply. I did not come to this stage because I was to afraid of the build platform hitting the printhead.
Maybe I should turn the notch all the way to the left to make sure it’s at the lowest position and the adjust it slightly each time?

Wrong Way; Thank you for your reply. I’ll post some pictures tonight of the build. Thank you also for the link. I’ve looked into it
and it’s something that I will definitely do once I get the auto home issue sorted out.

Turned the notch all the way to the left and now the auto home stops just a couple of mm’s below the nozzle of the printhead.
One problem persists though. In 2 or 3 seconds after I press the auto-home button there this loud ratteling noise coming from the printer.

The printhead seems to slide smoothly to it’s parking position though and the build platform is coming up nicely as well. After
they are in their final position the loud noise remains (nothing is moving). Any suggestions on that?

Finally I figured out what was causing the ratteling noise. It’s the bottom fan that starts spinning immediately.
What could be causing this? Should I try to upload the firmware again?

Uploading the firmware will not help the fan.
You may need to get Velleman to replace it if it is still under warranty.
If it’s spinning you should be able to use the printer.
If it’s cold my fan make some noise but it after awhile it’s not bad.