Auto bed leveling k8200


Auto leveling beds are more and more common. I’ve seen a few K8200’s as well with this mod. I also want to add this feature to my printer as well since leveling the bed is just a nightmare sometimes. But I can’t really find a good explanation/tutorial to achieve this (where is the servo connected for example). Is there somebody on this forum that did the mod and can help me out? I already found a good design to mount the servo and switch on thingiverse:

Hello Klucky13,

I extended my K8200 with Auto Bed Leveling.

However, I was modifying a servo to cumbersome. I only use a capacitive sensor type LJC18A3-HZ/BY (around 10 euros). The sensor is connected in place of the Z-stop switch. The level of the sensor switch do I adjust to a transistor. The rest is done by the Marlin firmware.

The bracket for the sensor you can find:

Sorry, my English is not so good to describe this solution in detail. However, it works very well.


Thanks for the feedback, but I allready ordered a servo. I’m planning to do the mod with the original Z endstop. But to do that I need to find out how I need to hook it up (the servo)

Ok Klucky13, maybe these links will help you:

the principle is explained very well and shown.

Specifically for the K8200 of this principle works, you can find the firmware here: … /