Assembly manual download

Can someone point me to the spot to download the manual? I know there is a web page, but there is no internet where the unit is being built and used.

Never mind. I worked it out, you have to download it one chapter at a time by waiting for each chapter to download, with all the hi-res pictures, then you get a link at the bottom to download that chapter as a PDF. What a stupid idea. Well, the internet cafe in town is doing well, this will take about a full day based on chapter 1.

I play with the idea to buy me the Nano also, to have a transportable printer instead of my large Vertex K8400, even I can only print smaller objects.
I would like to read the assembly manual before, especially the parts list. Due to the fact, that I have bought a while ago a little spare parts collection for the Vertex K8400, it would be interesting to know which parts didn´t changed.
That would maybe support my decision to buy it. I am very satisfied with the Vertex K8400. It was very easy to build, very good explained and even since 2 years of printing countless objects (via databanks, 3D-Scanner and Freecad), still enjoy it very much and find more and more things, I want to design and print.

So, does anybody give me the link to the assembly manual?

It’s on the same website as the K8400 instructions:

Thank you Sverenja, I didn´t see it before. Sorry.
The Nano really looks interesting. I think I spotted some parts which are already used in the Vertex K8400.