Are the LED's supposed to be on all the time?

My printer works. All motors and stops and extruders etc work fine.

But the LED’s on the axes endpoint sensors are always on when the machine is powered, unlike the nozzle led which is only lit when the element is being heated. When the print head reaches the endpoint is stops nicely as expected.

Is it normal that the leds are lit all the time or am i just being paranoid?


I would have expected the same but yes they are lit all the time. Actually if you look at the schematics you’ll see the red LED is in series with the LED of the light barrier so it’s always on (look here).

The leds on the end stops are to indicate they are connected. So when your Vertex is powered the leds will be lit.

The leds on the printhead are only lit when the heater cartridge is powered.

thanks for the confirmation

Well I wondered myself.

I’m used to industrial sensors that indicate power AND signal independently.
So I suggested in this posting: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=13033&p=58582#p58582 that one could add an extra LED that will light when the endstop is triggered.

I like the idea of an extra light, but only after i get reliable prints.