Arduino vma322 pvn


nous utilisons deux ensembles ( vma100 associe à un vma 322) pour transmettre des données
nous n’arrivons pas a les faire communiquer. Avez vous un programme type pour cette application

Salutation @pvn
Ici il faut utiliser l’anglais pour les autres utilisateurs non francophone qui pourrons avoir le même problème …

A tu regardé dans “Téléchargement”
Il y a bien souvent des exemples.
sinon une recherche sur github ?

Greeting @pvn
Here you have to use English for other non-French speaking users who may have the same problem …

Have you looked in “Download”
There are often examples.
if not a search on github?

Hi…The RX hub will be an arduino with a SIM800L GSM module. I need it to ship off a website page, or with MQTT specialist all the information that it gets. It goes about as a door between NRF24 net and GPRS information.

Be that as it may, my inquiry is about TX hubs. I need to destroy them one months from now, and I would prefer not to reconstruct the TX sketch

For instance, I need to place one TX hub in my space to get temperature. Two months after, I will put another that actions wattage and voltage in my home, after another that actions temperature and humity in the outside.

I need to program my RX entryway hub to get every one of these bundles (various TXs and estimates) and send them to a web worker.