APS230 Recording Measurment with PC

I got the APS 230 and I like to get the measurement data from the scope onto my computer.
I would like to save the measurement data for a period of about 4 to 24 hours (each sec. one value) into a ASCII-File.

On your website I found a simple software which connects the PC to the APS 230.
velleman.be/downloads/files/ … 0-1.1b.zip
By the way. I dislike that You don’t support all dll’s with the download ( for example: mfc71.dll) and that I have to search it on my own!

I can make settings of V/div and s/div and see the graph, but I can’t find a option to write the measurement data into a file to use it later on.

Do you have any other software for that?

Thanks so far


At this moment we haven’t any other software available.