Another voltage/amps question for K8055 board

Hi , im trying to build a christmas lights display that automated to music, and i was wondering if the k8055 could handle the lights i want to use. i have 50 LEDs, arranged into 5 strips of 10. they came with a power supply, and the output is rated at 24 volts, 150 ma. I read in the book (and was told by another forum member when i enquired about another project) that the k8055 can handle up to 50volts, 100 ma. i was wondering that as the voltage is only half the max (24volts) would the 150ma matter? or would i damage the board by using this?

Any help is greatly appreciated

You wrote that the power supply is rated at 150 mA and the LEDs are arranged into 5 strips.
If you connect each strip to different output of the K8055 then the current will be 150 mA/5 = 30 mA per channel. This is well within the specified limits of the K8055.

BTW: If you look the datasheet of the ULN2803 (the output transistor array of the K8055) you’ll see: Output Current IOUT 500 mA/ch.
The specified 100 mA current/channel is indeed in the safe area.