Am I just unlucky? r3-8 screws don't grip anything

I bought a 4-in-1 Allbot at the ZKM last week and was going to happily tinker around, but I’m failing at literally the first step. The 8mm screws don’t seem to get anywhere near the nuts in the spine. I can screw and press the servo casing all I want and it doesn’t matter. Yes, everything is flush and I can screw in the 10mm screws without problem (except for the fact that thee casing isn’t tight … so it’s pointless)

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume for now that, for some reason, I’m reading the manual wrong, but your error margins seems to be ridiculously low.


This is the first complaint we have received about this. Normally m3 x 8 should work for mounting.
Please note that it is a countersunk bolt head.

If it doesn’t fit can you show clear photos that demonstrate this problem?

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Velleman Support

I was able to fix 3 screws, though the one servo casing which happens to have two screws has quite some freedom of movement (about a mm of rotation). The second one has one screw that seems to hold, as for the second screw I can get it to hold the bolt … until I tap the spine, the servo casing or just move the whole spine sideways a few time (see Proton Drive (18MB, mp4). No way this is going to hold when there is a motor whirring inside the case.