Alternative software/slicer

Hi there,

After building, calibrating (the heatbed is a bitch) and printing all kind of things from thingiverse I wanted to print my own designs.
I’m using 3D max to build my designs, it does export to STL. No mather what I did, on 80% of my own designs Sli3er gave an error and stopped.
And yes, I put all the designs Sli3er had a problem with through netfabb. With little to no result.

Decided to look around for alternative software and/or slicer and found And it is amazing.
It slices al my own designs without a problem and so… much faster.

And it prints in a, so far, beautifull quality.

And the beauty is, without to much knowledge, I could install this, start it up, run the wizard for the opbvious settings and it worked.

So, no bad news? Well, if you got used to the repertier/sli3er settings you will have to translate, and miss out on some nice easy setiings ( like the vase option)
I can’t get the print in the middle of the bed (haven’t realy looked into it)
The slicer and print times it shows seem nice but are way of. (it wasnt designed for the K8200)
It seems to be a little bit noisier.

Anyway, if you are running into problems like I did, give it a try. Make sure your printer is calibrated and don´t be scare at the first pint when the Z-ax gas up and seems to attack your print bed.