Also connecting problems

Hi everybody. I´m Michael from Germany. I´ve bought the K8055 and solve by myselve!
All will be good I thougth. If I connect to PC the message is coming about an error of installation. card cannot found.
The LED´s 11 for power is running and LED8 is twice blinking an then it is still on. I´ve read something in this forum and had also done some measurement but nothing I could found! The Oscillator works, no circuit, all voltages are ok, some idea?

please send me some information, what I could do. thanks a lot

greetings Michael

Wish operating system are you using ?
If this led stay ON, there is a connection problem between the controller on your kit and the Microsoft Windows HID driver.

I use Windows XP Home Edition SP3. What can I do for this problem?

greets michael

The symptoms are quite similar as in this thread: K8055 - DO8 LED permanently lit, no PC recognition
Please check especially the six last posts.