Allbot4 with mBlock3 to use scratch and avoid USB cable


I am a new user of allbot4, using scratch as indicated in

All works fine, using :

  • VR408Scratch.ino
  • ALLBOT Communicator program
  • Import experimental HTTP extension with extension_descr.s2e file

Now, I would use scratch for allbot4 with USB cable disconnected.

I would use mBlock3 to realize that: write program with scratch and upload it to Arduino Uno of Allbot4.

MBlock3 can have extensions, like in
Nevertheless, I didn’t found extension for Allbot4.

I have tried to use the extension_descr.s2e file designed for scratch, but it seems not compatible.

I am not a user able to use

Then my question is :
How to make an allbot4 extension for mBlock3 ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,